Orion’s Belt Remote Observatory


Constructed in the Spring and Summer of 2016, Orion’s Belt Remote Observatory is located in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico at an altitude of 7000 feet in the town of Mayhill.


The Bortle light pollution map shows the location of the observatory where the white cross is. We are in a “Bortle 2” region which is pretty dark.


The physical address of the observatory is actually on Orion’s Belt!


The observatory site is pretty much unobstructed and we have a great view to the South. There is really no area of sky that is inaccessible!



The observatory is a roll-off design and can be operated from anywhere there is internet access, hence the term “remote”. It is a 16 foot square structure including the warm room and houses 2 telescope platforms.

2017-02-04 16.30.57

In the fully open position, the observing space is 16 feet x 10 feet. The roof rolls off to the North.


Warm room inside the observatory

The “warm room” on the north side of the observatory occupies the final 5-6 feet or so. There is a computer station for each pier. Nowadays I don’t have to be physically up there as often as I can operate everything remotely but if I do have to be up there the temperature is probably 15 degrees warmer in there!


Astronomers living quarters. This was actually the first structure to arrive on the site. The deck was completed shortly afterward. This is at the base of “Mintaka Hill” as we call it.2016-06-04-17.33.14

View from the top of the Hill looking down to the main house. The observatory is road accessible

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