My Equipment- Talavera Space Hut

Equipment updated as of July 2018


The “Talavera Space Hut” as we affectionately call it. No, those chairs are not for people to watch me take images as someone recently asked. They are for people to enjoy the “Theater of the Universe”! We have a 40″ flat screen that is placed on that table next to the observatory door and they can see the live video output from the Mallincam camera.

We now live in a development called ‘Talavera’ which is right on the west side of the beautiful Organ Mountains at an elevation of 4800 feet. We are about 8-10 miles east of town and the skies are pretty decent here for being that close to Las Cruces center. There is a light dome from the town to the west and to the south there is also a light dome from El Paso. I’m going to say seeing wise it’s probably around Bortle class 4-5 Not bad for a backyard. When we first moved here I did do some deep space imaging here but since the construction of Orion’s Belt Observatory in Mayhill, that activity has moved up there full time

My observatory is an 8 foot square structure with roll-off roof. Small but not too small. This is our “backyard”! My main scope now at this facility is a Celestron C14 . It’s the “Black tube” version with the Starbright coatings. Not the HD version

Mounted on the main scope is a William Optics GT102 triplet apo refractor

Cameras include an Atik 460EX for spectroscopy, a Skyris webcam for planetary work and a ZWO 174 for guiding during spectroscopy

Focuser during planetary imaging is a Moonlite CSL 2.5″

The mount is of course the most important component of the system, and I am fortunate to have the Paramount ME which I have owned since 2006


The “final installment” equipment wise at the Space Hut consists of a C14 black tube version (not the HD) which is in excellent condition I purchased used off Amart which will be used for spectroscopy and planetary observing, a William Optics GT102 refractor used mostly for video astronomy and a Paramount ME mount I have owned since 2006. The focuser used for planets is a Moonlite CSL 2.5″. Cameras at this site include an Atik 460 EX for spectroscopy, a Skyris webcam for planets and also a ZWO174 for guiding when doing spectroscopy. The spectrometer is a Lhires 3



The “Talavera Space Hut” as it is affectionately called is a simple 8 foot square manual roll-off. It’s a wonderful place. Very intimate and hands on! Just enough space for me to maneuver around the equipment. Basically 360 degree unobstructed viewing! Here we are opening the observatory and viewing the amazing sunset at the same time!

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