My Equipment- Orion’s Belt


Inside the roll-off at Orion’s Belt Remote Observatory we have 2 operating imaging platforms:

Pier 1, on the East side of the observatory, consists of the 400mm Officina Stellare RiDK


The Officina Stellare RiDK 400mm (16″) Is not just a modified Dall Kirkham reflector. Designed by Massimo Riccardi (of Riccardi -Honders fame) , the telescope produces a wide, flat focal plane more than 65mm diameter. The corrector lens is positioned closer to the focal plane than other designs virtually eliminating chromatic abberation. The focal length is f/7 or 2800mm


Final configuration with the scope in its parked position.

The mount for the 16 is a Paramount MEII with on axis encoders, thus eliminating periodic error.

The focuser/rotator for the 16″ is a Rotofocus V3. Extremely high accuracy, 0.1 micron steps. The camera is an SBIG STX 16803 with AOX and FW7 filter wheel.


All the operating components are now in position. ‘A’ is the USB hub. ‘B’ is the focuser. ‘C’ is the camera. The OS bus controller is on the other side of the scope. Cables are secured to the holes in the telescope frame

Pier 2 is on the West side of the observatory and has potentially 3 telescope options: Currently mounted are the Takahashi Epsilon 180ED and Tak FSQ106N. Also available is a Tak TOA 130NFB. The mount is a Paramount MX+. Camera on the Tak 106 is an SBIG STXL 6303E. A canon 60Da is mounted on the Tak 180. The focuser/rotator on the FSQ is  Moonlite Nitecrawler which is also used for the 130. We have a Van Slyke focuser on the Tak 180 with a Robofocus unit installed. Another camera option we have for pier 2 is an Atik 460EX with filter wheel


Imaging equipment installed on the Pier 2. This includes a Takahashi Epsilon 180ED astrograph and FSQ106N refractor. Cameras include an SBIG STXL 6303E on the refractor and a Canon 60Da on the astrograph. There is a powered usb hub on the back of the 180 and a 12 volt power strip mounted on the side of a Tak guider (see below). The entire load sits on a Paramount MX+ mount


Another view showing the 12 volt power strip mounted on a small guide scope (Tak GT40) with a Moonlite focuser rotator connected. The focuser is the red object right behind the white refractor to the right of the orange tube 180 astrograph

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