8 comments on “Talavera 3.0

  1. Absolutely amazing set up Dave! I’m way jealous. Besides being in NJ. I’m looking at a C8 HD Edge. What day you on this guy?

    Today I worked on my 16” homemade dob. Should see first light tonight. My FL is a bit off. I need to bring the focuser out about another 1/2” or so. Collimating it was a breeze. The primary cell is awesome.



  2. 16″? Wow that’s great! Those Stellafane trips probably rubbed off on you! Yeah the Celestron HD’s I think are highly underrated scopes. Excellent value. You will be very happy with that! A lot you can do. Both visual and imaging. Enjoy!


    • Thanks Dave. The kids and I are heading back to Stellafane this year. We are leaving a little early do we can get up there and camp by mount Washington for two days then pull in on Wednesday at Stellafane. I’m thankful for your insight on the HD. I’m hoping my Missus can help me get it for my birthday coming up. 😃

      I was just showing my wife your Talevera site and how awesome it is. Hopefully when I retire and move either to Flagstaff area, St. George area. At least that’s what I’m thinking now.

      Take care and I look forward to some great Mars shots from you.


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