2 comments on “Eclipse day 0 and the aftermath!

  1. Dr. Dave, thanks again for your useful advice on CloudyNights (“epsiloneridani” here). An amazing description of the eclipse experience–those are some impressive images.

    We went to Corvallis OR, a pleasant college town, for my first eclipse (total or otherwise). Totality lasted a “mere” 100 seconds, but it was absolutely breathtaking. I didn’t image, lacking the experience, but observed through a pair of Lunt Sunoculars, plus pinhole cameras, finger “cameras”, collanders, leaves and the like. It was a wonderful experience despite the 12+ hour drive (spread over two days each way) from the SF Bay area. I’m not sure I’ll be traveling to Chile, but 2023 and 2024, absolutely.

    I look forward to seeing your processed images. Are there “Baily’s beads” in evidence in your last and penultimate images in addition to the diamond ring?


    • Hi Derek! Thanks for commenting. Glad you got to see it! What you actually see with your own eye is way better than any camera can record. That’s probably why my wife is already planning for the next one but because I am still working I don’t think I will be going to Chile or Antarctica. Probably will have to wait until 2024. No I didn’t capture any of the beads but maybe next time. I need to take way more exposures than I did but since it was my first time I was fairly conservative with the exposure frequency for fear of the memory card locking up. I will need a serial cable next time to address that. I am thrilled I actually got anything at all! The AVX mount really did a great job! Did not have to mess with it at all.There were a few folks who had them, including my good friend who also had one with a C8 on it and took some great images!


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