2 comments on “Eclipse day 1

  1. Your posts remind me how much of a rookie i am. We drove down to TN the day before the eclipse. Got to the site by 8:30 am the day of and then I started to try and figure things out regarding camera settings. One thing I didn’t plan on was cell towers were crashing regularly! So I learned a little about ISO and that was it. Next one I will prepare more like you.


  2. I think it definitely helped me. Since I had some gear to set up, was trying to learn how to use the automation program and it was my first time. Many people were telling me “don’t bring your stuff, just watch it” so maybe it was fear of screwing up that prompted me to be so obsessed with it. Thankfully I was able to watch it and enjoy it! A good friend of mine who is a very experienced imager got bogged down with his equipment and forgot to take off the filter during totality! So bottom line is for this type of thing for us, you can’t be too prepared 🙂


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